Boundary Catches: Example Videos

Cameron White's dismissal via a boundary catch in a Big Bash 2014-15 game successfully executed by Josh Lalor for the Sydney Thunder. (Video 1)

Also featured is West Indian batsman Kieron Pollard's dismissal via a boundary catch in a 2014 T20 International played in Grenada successfully executed by New Zealand's Trent Boult. (Video 2)

1. First contact by fielder with ball was within the playing field (NB: if player had been in mid-air at this point his feet must have had last contact with the ground from within the playing field)
2. At no time did the fielder have contact with the ground beyond the boundary whilst in contact with the ball
3. The catch was completed as per the Laws within the field of play.

This presentation explains why all these were indeed out. (Click Here)

This presentation also touches on the “team catch” scenario, an even more complex situation when more than one member of the fielding team are involved. See Video 3

Kieron Pollard's dismissal via a boundary catch in a T20I game successfully executed by Trent Boult for New Zealand.


Bevan Small catches the ball in the air while crossing over the boundary rope, before hitting the ground he throws the ball to Michael Mason who takes the catch. (Team Catch)